My Daughter is Enjoying Life a Lot More

When my daughter told me she was seeing a chiropractor, I immediately became concerned. As far as I knew at that time, people only went there if there was a major problem with their back or neck. The first thing I thought of was that she must have been in a car accident. She quickly put my mind at ease, and told me that a friend of hers had suggested that she see her chiropractor in Sacramento after complaining of always being tired. I can understand why she would be tired, because she runs herself ragged between her job and home life.

My daughter is a manager for a large company, and she also takes care of her family, which includes four very active children. Sometimes when she would tell me about her week, even I would get tired just from listening to her activities. I asked her how a chiropractor was helping her with that, and she surprised me with her answer. She told me that the chiropractor she was seeing on a regular basis gave her a new lease on life. She was still doing everything she did before, but she had a renewed energy about her.

She explained the treatment plan, which included much more than just getting her back adjusted thrice weekly at first. That was taken down to twice and then once, and now it is as needed. It also included massage therapy, which she has told me is her favorite part of the entire treatment plan. It is not a back rub or anything, but rather a deep tissue massage that makes the stress just melt off of her. She also has an eating and exercise plan that she adhered to strictly at first, which was easy for her. Now that she is feeling so much better, she has been able to relax her strict rules and enjoy life a lot more.