My Chiropractor Helped Me with My Migraines

I never understood how difficult it was for people who had chronic headaches. I can’t even claim that it was just ignorance, because I just didn’t even try to think how it was for them. I have had headaches in the past, but they were usually treated quickly with over the counter pills. The first time I had a migraine, it was nearly two years ago. It truly was a migraine, because I could not do a thing without intense pain. Later, after it was over, I started looking at different websites of Peoria chiropractors because of some online research I did on migraine headaches.

I am not the type of person to just lay down and take it if I don’t have to. I know a lot of people feel that is exactly what you have to do with a migraine because there is no valid treatment, but I have to disagree with that. In my research, I wanted to find out why headaches even start in the first place. That is how I learned about the improper positioning of various bones in a person’s neck can absolutely cause painful headaches.

Rather than go to my primary care doctor, I decided to go to the professional who would be able to help get everything back in alignment. I have no problem taking a pain pill that I can buy off the shelf, but I did not want to start taking prescription drugs to manage headaches. I wanted to treat the problem rather than the symptoms, which is why I went to a chiropractor. I have to say, it really has helped too. I had several of those painful migraines within a month’s time, but I have not had any since I started to get regular adjustments from the chiropractor that I see here in Peoria.