Can You Handle Learning the Real Facts About Political News Stories?

I listen a lot more than I talk, and I write more than I talk too. I prefer the written word as it can be edited to be precise before publishing. I even wait before Tweeting or updating a status. I proofread and make sure my facts are accurate and my point is not lost. When friends want to talk politics, I listen and ask more questions than I spend time offering my take. I do a lot of reading about President Trump news at a website dedicated to articles that are published about him from multiple news media outlets. I find it easy to get the same story written by various journalists from different news agencies all in one place. It sure does round out my education on White House news stories and Beltway politics to let me know that I would not like to be a player.

All of us appreciate facts. We do want to be certain about things. However, we often want to have a preconceived opinion about a politician confirmed over and over again. That is why we gravitate to getting our news from just one or two news media outlets. When you read the same story from multiple journalists, you may find out the candidate you like is not as good as you thought he was as well as finding out the candidate you do not like is not as bad as you thought either. The real world facts often do not consistently support our world view when we are dealing with human beings that are capable of doing some things right as well as other things wrong.

I have had my preconceived ideas shattered by looking at the same news story written by a liberal, conservative and an independent. Paying attention to more than one news source lets the facts come out. This is why I like the Trump News website. I get news stories from many news agencies in one place.