A New Home and a New Outlook

My kids mean everything to me. I am a single father raising my two daughters and son on my own, and I will be the first to admit that it is hard at times. We lost their mother when all three were under the age of five, and I am just thankful I have the resources to have a full time nanny help me with them while I am at work. I had started to see information pop up about Singapore New Futura not that long ago, and I really like the location of it too.

The main reason is not what you may think though. It does put me closer to work, but that is just a bonus. The real reason I like it is because it will help my children so much. It will put them in a school district that has amazing schools. Their nanny helps them with their schoolwork now, and she has shown concerns to me about the schooling they are receiving. I want only the best for them, and she has researched the schools in District 9, and in particular the schools they would attend if we would move to New Futura.

She is beyond happy with what they will have there, which makes me happy. Like I said, I have the resources, so I asked her to look into the penthouse apartments there to see if that would work for our small family. I know she loves the kids like I do, and to be honest, she is a pretty wonderful woman too. I don’t know what the future holds for any of us, but I am excited to see if this leads to something more. Having a new home, a new school district, and a new outlook on life is just what this family needs.