My Daughter is Enjoying Life a Lot More

When my daughter told me she was seeing a chiropractor, I immediately became concerned. As far as I knew at that time, people only went there if there was a major problem with their back or neck. The first thing I thought of was that she must have been in a car accident. She quickly put my mind at ease, and told me that a friend of hers had suggested that she see her chiropractor in Sacramento after complaining of always being tired. I can understand why she would be tired, because she runs herself ragged between her job and home life.

My daughter is a manager for a large company, and she also takes care of her family, which includes four very active children. Sometimes when she would tell me about her week, even I would get tired just from listening to her activities. (more…)

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New Futura is Going to Be My New Home

All it took for me to find my new home was to look at some pictures online. I was not even really looking for a new place to live. I was just humoring a friend who had told me that she had found the perfect place for me to live. She had been bound and determined to get me to move closer to her, and it was a dream of mine too. I just was not actively pursuing it until she sent me some pictures of the New Futura condo development that is being constructed about a mile from where she lives.

Considering that we lived much farther apart than that before, a mile is a dream come true. We had never considered the two of us moving in together even though we are both single, because we knew we would drive each other mad. However, living a mile apart from the best friend I could have ever definitely has a ton of perks to it. When I started browsing through the various pictures of New Futura that she had sent me, I knew that I was going to move mountains to make that my new home. (more…)

I Wanted His Name off of Me

When my first husband and I got married, we decided to do something really romantic. At least, I thought it was romantic at the time! We went and had our names tattooed on one another. My name was on his chest, and his was on my arm. We wanted to show the world that we belonged together, and it made me weak in my knees for the longest time. It would still make me weak and giddy if we were still together, but we’re not. That is why I did a search for aesthetic in Singapore because I knew I needed to get his name removed from my body.

My love for him did not die a quick death. It was not until I found out about his love affair, and I left him the same day I found out that it had been going on for a year. (more…)

A New Home and a New Outlook

My kids mean everything to me. I am a single father raising my two daughters and son on my own, and I will be the first to admit that it is hard at times. We lost their mother when all three were under the age of five, and I am just thankful I have the resources to have a full time nanny help me with them while I am at work. I had started to see information pop up about Singapore New Futura not that long ago, and I really like the location of it too.

The main reason is not what you may think though. It does put me closer to work, but that is just a bonus. The real reason I like it is because it will help my children so much. It will put them in a school district that has amazing schools. (more…)