My Daughter is Enjoying Life a Lot More

When my daughter told me she was seeing a chiropractor, I immediately became concerned. As far as I knew at that time, people only went there if there was a major problem with their back or neck. The first thing I thought of was that she must have been in a car accident. She quickly put my mind at ease, and told me that a friend of hers had suggested that she see her chiropractor in Sacramento after complaining of always being tired. I can understand why she would be tired, because she runs herself ragged between her job and home life.

My daughter is a manager for a large company, and she also takes care of her family, which includes four very active children. Sometimes when she would tell me about her week, even I would get tired just from listening to her activities. (more…)

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Can You Handle Learning the Real Facts About Political News Stories?

I listen a lot more than I talk, and I write more than I talk too. I prefer the written word as it can be edited to be precise before publishing. I even wait before Tweeting or updating a status. I proofread and make sure my facts are accurate and my point is not lost. When friends want to talk politics, I listen and ask more questions than I spend time offering my take. I do a lot of reading about President Trump news at a website dedicated to articles that are published about him from multiple news media outlets. I find it easy to get the same story written by various journalists from different news agencies all in one place. It sure does round out my education on White House news stories and Beltway politics to let me know that I would not like to be a player.

All of us appreciate facts. (more…)

My Chiropractor Helped Me with My Migraines

I never understood how difficult it was for people who had chronic headaches. I can’t even claim that it was just ignorance, because I just didn’t even try to think how it was for them. I have had headaches in the past, but they were usually treated quickly with over the counter pills. The first time I had a migraine, it was nearly two years ago. It truly was a migraine, because I could not do a thing without intense pain. Later, after it was over, I started looking at different websites of Peoria chiropractors because of some online research I did on migraine headaches.

I am not the type of person to just lay down and take it if I don’t have to. I know a lot of people feel that is exactly what you have to do with a migraine because there is no valid treatment, but I have to disagree with that. (more…)