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Stuck on a level? Don’t worry! Some levels of Angry Birds, are, well, really hard to beat. Thankfully, we have detailed video and text walkthroughs for every single Angry Birds level.

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Angry Birds Gameplay

You start with a set amount of birds, usually 2-6. You are given a catapult to launch them with.

You need to destroy fortresses with pigs inside. Here’s a standard fort:

BOOM! Your birds collide with the fortress to knock it down and kill the green pigs.

What’s Angry Birds?

Angry Birds is an incredible addicting game from Rovio, a mobile application developer. On each level, there are a certain amount of green pigs you need to kill. You get a certain amount of birds to achieve this goal, each one with special capabilities and powers. If you manage to kill all of the green pigs with your alloted birds, you pass the level, otherwise you can replay the level.

The score system in Angry Birds is pretty unique. Passing the level allows you to advance to the next one regardless of score. However, if you’re a true Angry Birds addict, you want to get 3 stars on every level – the highest rating. Usually this is a challenge, but we’ve posted Angry Birds walkthroughs to make it easy.

Remember, you can play Angry Birds right from your computer with all of the features. Read more about the creators of Angry Birds for some background on the game.

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